Introducing: Total Performance Podcast with Siobhan Milner

I am thrilled to introduce the Total Performance with Siobhan Milner podcast. This podcast is dedicated to all things athletic performance and injury prevention. I’m a strength and conditioning coach, currently working with the Dutch Olympic Team, with a background in exercise and rehabilitation science.

I’m a huge believer in the benefits of movement for everyone from all walks of life, but I particularly like to get nerdy about athletic performance and injury prevention, so that’s primarily what this podcast will be focusing on. Over the last decade or so of working with athletes and performance artists, it’s become really clear to me that performing at a high level requires so much more than great training.

Siobhan Milner on Simplifaster: Performance Training for Niche Winter Sports

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Exposure to Daylight and its Effects on Sleep

I have always been an outdoorsy mover; I prefer running on trails to the treadmill, ocean swimming to the pool (although lakes tend to be a better option around here!), and cycling on the road compared to a spin bike. So the shift to working outside with COVID-19 restrictions has actually been a blessing in disguise! There’s also something else I’ve been noticing: How it’s improving my sleep.

Last Free Online Workout in Your Living Room Next Wednesday!

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined me for free workouts over the last two months (and for supporting me along the way).

As many of you know, the Netherlands is now allowing outdoor workouts, with 1.5m distance between people. This means I’m returning to training many of my athletes and rehab clients, AND I’m teaching 4 general strength and fitness classes a week at Stride 6ft8 Sports Performance’s pop-up location at Kralingseplaslaan 149, Rotterdam.

The ‘Three E’s’ to Make Your Training Habit Easier

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