Interested to know what people say about working with Siobhan Milner? Read on for some testimonials from some of her clients.

“My training with Siobhan began with a dream. I wanted to complete the Canadian Ski Marathon Half Marathon. It is 84.6 kilometers of cross-country skiing in some of the most rigorous mountains conditions the Canadian Laurentians have to offer at temperatures below freezing. Before working with Siobhan, I had worked with other fitness trainers but failed to complete the race. Each of the three times I failed, I was left exhausted and in pain for weeks afterwards.

When I met Siobhan, we reviewed “my dream” in detail. Siobhan listened very attentively to me. She reviewed what had gone wrong and why. She took the time to learn what an athlete needed to cross-country ski. She came up with rigorous training plans that helped me build up my strength and stamina day by day till the big race. In 2019, thanks to Siobhan, I completed the Half Marathon and went on to compete at the Gatineau Loppet the following weekend.

If you are willing to do the work. If you are willing to be completely open about your training. Siobhan can and will carry you to your dream.”

Ranjan Roy, Nordic Skiier, Montreal, Canada

“I have had a great experience in my work with Siobhan. I come from an athletic and dance background and I came to her for a program that worked around the demands of my dance career, my traveling lifestyle and focused my workouts on rehabilitating long term issues and current needs. The programs I received reflected exactly what we had discussed and I feel like they have fit perfectly into my life. The workouts have met the demand of challenging me sufficiently, while also supporting my injuries in a rehabilitative nature. I love the format that I was given for the workouts that allowed me to see how everything was done, easily go back to review should I need clarification, and in a format that I can keep on my phone, computer, or print out. I feel like I made a smart investment in my work with Siobhan and look forward to continued work with a qualified professional that knows how to give me what I want and what I need to support my future goals.”

Amanda Rose, International Dance Instructor, Performer & Choreographer

“Being a current member of the Wales national hockey team and previously the Great Britain under 23 team, it is really important that I am in a physical position whereby I can play a tournament of 5 games in 7 days and be able to meet the demands without injuries. An effective and professional strength and conditioning programme is therefore paramount for my development.

I started working with Siobhan with my club team, who compete in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, the world’s best hockey league. Since, I have been so impressed by Siobhan’s knowledge and coaching, that I asked her to write a personalised programme for me. Siobhan is very conscientious and considerate of my athletic needs by paying attention to avoid the reoccurrence of previous injuries, listening to my concerns or desires and managing my weekly training load. Siobhan challenges but simultaneously supports me, one of her strengths is that she understands what it is like to be an athlete from physical, mental and emotional perspectives and therefore her understanding and compassionate approach helps me get the best out of myself. She is open to receiving feedback, questions and suggestions, so I feel comfortable around her and motivated by the fact that I am involved in the process of planning my own physical development.

I really enjoy working with Siobhan and have every confidence that I will continue to do so!”

Danielle Jordan, Midfielder, Welsh National Hockey Team & HV Victoria (Netherlands)