Ready to improve your sporting performance, or looking to manage a bothersome injury? Siobhan Milner offers a range of services related to athletic performance and injury rehabilitation. Read on to learn more about personal training, fitness testing, and personalised training programs in Delft, Rotterdam, and Den Haag.

Siobhan Milner draws on her extensive background in endurance sport along with her decade of experience working with athletes to create tailor-made strength & conditioning programs to help athletes like Ranjan, a dedicated Nordic skiier, conquer their goals.

Siobhan Milner offers three main services: Personal Training, Personalised Strength & Conditioning Programs, and Premium Fitness Appraisals. Read on to learn more.

Mobile Personal Training in Delft and Den Haag

Siobhan Milner offers at-home and outdoor personal training with a focus on athletic performance and injury rehabilitation in Delft and Den Haag. These sessions are tailored towards your needs. Siobhan Milner is a coach with over a decade of experience who will work with you consistently towards your training and fitness goals. She’ll take into account where you are, what you’re aiming for, and your injury history when designing the perfect sessions for you.

Personal Training Packages Include:

  • Initial 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and goals (in-person or via Zoom)
  • Personalised training: Every aspect of your sessions is relevant to your goals and needs
  • Baseline fitness testing to help track your progress over time
  • Convenient training: Your personal trainer comes to you. Train at home or outdoors in the fresh air all year round
  • Train with an experienced, highly qualified coach: Siobhan Milner draws on her extensive university education and years of practical experience to help you to overcome injury and improve your overall athletic performance and longevity
  • Can be combined with a personalised home program to help you get the most out of your training

Personalised Training Programs

A personalized strength & conditioning program is essential for athletes of any level. Whether you’re aiming to succeed in the professional sports arena, or you’re an amateur athlete looking to improve your speed or performance, tuning up your instrument (your body!) is non-negotiable.

Siobhan Milner has extensive experience working with endurance athletes, team sport athletes, and professional dancers. In addition to a decade of experience working as a strength & conditioning coach and exercise scientist, she’s specialised in rehabilitation science, so can help you to overcome injury, solve chronic weaknesses or imbalances, and to improve your overall athletic performance and longevity.

One-off Program Package

  • Perfect for individuals recovering from injuries looking for specific rehabilitative training, or amateur athletes just looking to get started on a complementary training system for their sport
  • 60 minute pre-program creation consultation (in-person or via Zoom)
  • Program creation
  • Exercise schedule creation with built-in periodisation for 8 weeks
  • Program delivered in PDF format with video links for exercises
  • 30 minute follow-up progress discussion (in-person or via Zoom)
  • Read what Siobhan Milner’s clients have to say about their personalised training programs here

Premium Fitness Appraisals

Siobhan Milner offers fitness testing in Delft, Den Haag, and Rotterdam. Siobhan has provided sport-specific fitness testing services for the New Zealand Ice Hockey team, Hoofdklasse hockey players in the Netherlands, and endurance and team sport athletes on three continents. She uses her vast experience to help you establish your current fitness and strength levels, and provides you with detailed results and action steps to improve on your results (and therefore, your sports performance!).

Fitness testing is a great way to track your training, or to use as a baseline for the creation of a comprehensive personalised strength & conditioning program.

Fitness Testing Packages

  • Great for anyone with goals to improve their overall fitness or their athletic performance
  • 30 minute pre-testing consultation
  • 60-90 minute testing session (sport and goal-specific: may include aerobic, anaerobic, strength, mobility, and/or agility testing)
  • 30 minute post-testing debrief
  • PDF with detailed explanation of fitness testing results and action steps to help you improve your results

Ready to begin?

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