Races still getting cancelled? Here’s how to stay motivated to train

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that one of my athletes who keeps facing rescheduled, cancelled, and postponed races was asking me about tips for staying motivated. I told him my advice, but I also said it was a great question, and worth asking others.⁠

So, here’s what a lot of you had to say about how you stay (and have been staying!) motivated to keep training this past 18 months.⁠

“I always remind myself of all the benefits: more confidence, feeling better in my body, less pain in my joints, better posture, better dance performance, healthier appetite, better sleep, etc.” – Leandra

“You [keep me motivated] actually. I always look forward to training with you. When I have to do it by myself it’s 200% harder, the connection and getting some specific for me guidance is so valuable.” – Saskia

“Most of it is habit. And putting things in my training that I enjoy doing. I also need exercise to get rid of restlessness. If I cannot focus at work, a 10 minute break with some physical activity really helps me.” – Janneke

“Recently, I just decided to do what I enjoy, just because I enjoy it. So I’d say what motivates me is finding the joy or fun in what I’m doing.” – Sarina

“[The knowledge that] not training at all will have a negative impact on my physical and mental well-being. So even though I might not be hitting certain goals or training targets, I remain [active] to feel good and healthy as long as I keep moving on a regular basis. Good podcasts help with runs and walks. Good YouTube videos and friends help with workouts. Learning more about fitness and nutrition helps in understanding why it’s important and how it benefits me overall.” – Aline

“When I am not motivated, I reach out to people who are – usually gives me a good positive push to get back to it.” – Lorna

Some common themes to staying motivated are:⁠


Whether that’s with a coach, a friend, or a loved one, several of you mentioned reaching out to others when you needed a motivation boost!⁠

Focusing on the benefits of training for your health

…and for how you feel rather than relying on external goals like races⁠


Recognising “I am someone who trains!” even when there are no specific goals in sight. This is a key part of habit formation – I recommend reading the book Atomic Habits if you want to know a little more about this.


Choosing activities/training types that you enjoy. Remember, you don’t have to run if you hate running. Find activities you enjoy.⁠

Any inspiration for any of you out there struggling with motivation at the moment?⁠

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