Introducing: Total Performance Podcast with Siobhan Milner

I am thrilled to introduce the Total Performance with Siobhan Milner podcast.

I’m a huge believer in the benefits of movement for everyone from all walks of life, but I particularly like to get nerdy about athletic performance and injury prevention, so that’s primarily what this podcast will be focusing on. Over the last decade or so of working with athletes and performance artists, it’s become really clear to me that performing at a high level requires so much more than great training.

High performers in the physical sphere also need to take into consideration mindset, psychology, pain, science, nutrition, and so much more. So part of the reason that I launched this podcast is a little bit selfish. I know that for me to grow as a coach, much like for you to grow as athletes, I need to look at things from a lot of different angles and gather a lot of different insights from different professionals.

Whether you’re an amateur athlete, a recreational mover, a professional sports person, or someone looking to return to sport after injury, there will be a ton of episodes relevant to you coming up. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got questions or if there are certain things you’d love to see covered in the podcast or certain people that you’d love me to speak to.

It would be of huge benefit to me if you could subscribe to the podcast on your favourite listening apps – check out the buttons below to find it!

I am so honoured that the very first guest on my podcast is none other than my friend and colleague, Arthur Woznowski-Vu. Arthur is currently working on the last year of his Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science with a focus on pain management.

So Arthur came along to answer a few questions: What is pain? Does pain always equate to tissue damage? And does pain always mean I need to stop training?

This is a very important conversation because all of us experience pain at some point in our lives, and research has shown that an understanding of the science of pain can help reduce pain- so this podcast is a great place to start! 

Learn more about Arthur Woznowski-Vu:

Arthur Woznowski-Vu is a proud dad, husband, and lifelong martial artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has competed regionally and nationally in Karate, and when 18 suffered a knee injury resulting in surgery and a lengthy rehab process. He got back to competing afterward, but only for a short while until he got busy with pursuing his university bachelor’s and professional master’s degrees in physiotherapy at McGill University.

After a few years of clinical practice and several continuing professional development courses, Arthur became very interested in understanding pain according to the latest science, and how best to manage it and provide rehabilitation. This led him to reduce his clinical hours and go back to McGill University. He is now in the final year of his Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science, which focuses on chronic pain and sensitivity to physical activity.

Arthur currently also does some teaching at the university level and he volunteers at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, as Chair of the Pain Science Division since the Summer of 2021. As for his plans after his Ph.D., Arthur is currently working on

Learn more about Siobhan Milner:

Siobhan Milner believes we’re made to move. She is an exercise scientist with over a decade of experience working with everyone from Olympians, to premier-league hockey players, to patients with low back pain, to professional dancers, to individuals with cancer and chronic lung diseases. She uses her expertise to help you improve your athletic performance, and prevent, manage, and recover from injuries.

Siobhan is currently a Strength & Conditioning Coach with TeamNL (Dutch Olympic team), working with both talent squad and elite level athletes.

She also works with several independent athletes, primarily in endurance sports and dance, and with clients seeking her knowledge in injury rehabilitation.

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