How to readjust your training goals

As I referred to in my previous post (and as I’m sure you’ve noticed!) 2020 has thrown a few curveballs at us. I mentioned that I think something that can help us is reexamining why exercise is valuable in and of itself. But I also think it’s important to examine how we can tweak or redirect our goals slightly in the face of changing circumstances. 

The Nordic skiier I mentioned has decided to map out his own 40km race course for January; he’ll be racing for, by, and against himself. 

The triathlete I work with decided he wants to work on finally learning how to do pull ups. We’ve already got him on his first full chin ups.

What inspires you to keep going right now when things are different?

Do you want to set a new goal for yourself like my Nordic Skiier did?

What’s going to help you be fitter and stronger 90 days from now, whether we’re in lockdown on not?

New goals don’t have to be event-specific. You could create a goal to:

  • Develop or maintain a regular exercise habit throughout the winter (be specific; how many days? for how long?)
  • Include a mobility session in your training every week. Now that most events are cancelled, this is a great time to work on injuries and range of motion issues that could have been hanging around in the background
  • Beat your personal record on a running or cycling route
  • Get a “King of the Mountain” award on Strava

Is there something that springs to mind for your new goal?

I’ve got a post on two of my goal-setting methods that you can check out here if you need some help with setting one.

P.S. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat, or if you need any help with goal-setting. Find something that gets you excited to keep going through the winter!

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