Siobhan Milner speaks to about Strength & Conditioning for Youth Hockey Players

I recently spoke to about Strength & Conditioning for Youth Hockey Athletes. Check it out!

Read the full article at!

Infamous Hockey: What are three key things for young hockey players to know about movement

Siobhan Milner: 1. Building body awareness is key for not only better performance on the ice, but also for more effectively building strength and power in the gym. 

2. “Move it or lose it” is a cliché for a reason – it’s true! The off-season can be a great time to work on building up a base level of strength and fitness that will serve you well on the ice in-season.

3. Everyone’s body is different. It’s important to start understanding your body and how it responds to training as soon as possible. I strongly recommend that all players keep a training diary. Not just with details of the sessions (e.g. 60 minutes in the gym doing x/y/z exercises), but details of how your body and mind felt before, during, and after. It’s a great tool to start seeing patterns in what does and doesn’t work for you.

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