Listen: Free Podcast with Siobhan Camille Milner on Avoiding Injury for Dancers

As many of you know, I create strength and conditioning programs and work closely with several endurance and team sport athletes to periodise their training programs to improve their performance. And as many of you also know, I’ve got a long history (over a decade now – where does the time go!) of working in injury and disease rehabilitation with exercise as my main prescription modality.

Some of the athletes I work with include a number of professional and amateur dancers. Belly Dance Geek invited me to chat them about my top tips for avoiding injuring as (belly) dancers. I came across this lovely recommendation from a dancer on Facebook a couple of days ago (thank you Amanda!).

Want to hear the podcast yourself? It’s free over on the Belly Dance Geek website. Check it out and drop me a line if you have any questions, or get in touch about your own personalised strength & conditioning program for your dance (or other sport!) career.

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