Why filming your lifts is a powerful training tool

Video is a powerful tool for feedback in your strength training. And you don’t even need any fancy apps.

Here’s why I love filming in the weight room!

Filming your lifts is a powerful training tool in the weight room. Here’s why.

1: The camera doesn’t lie.

You’ll see when bad habits are slipping in. I highly recommend filming a set, watching it back IMMEDIATELY, then re-trying the set with your desired technique if changes are required.

“How do I change it though?”

Most of all, remember that if it doesn’t feel different to the last set, it won’t look different. Start paying attention to what you’re feeling when you lift (Where is your weight? What’s contracting most? What’s stretching? Get curious!).

2: It’s super helpful for fast, or technical lifts…

...Like Olympic lifting derivatives. Whether you’ve got an Android or iPhone, the scrubbing function is awesome. Always film in regular speed so you can see how you’re moving naturally, then use the little scrubber function to examine what’s going right – or wrong – where.

(Don’t know what scrubbing is? Start playing the video, then tap at the bottom of your screen to pause; slowly slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to replay your video frame by frame).

3: It can be an awesome motivational tool!

I notice that when athletes are filmed, they want to aim for their best technique, and their best weight (maybe so it can go on the ‘Gram later!).

This can also be super helpful if you’re training alone. You can show it to your coach later for feedback, and you’ll know that it’s going to be seen by someone else, so you wanna put the work in!

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