Upcoming Free Online Workouts During Social Distancing

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing well no matter where you are. I hope you’re staying safe, keeping your distance from people from outside your household, and washing your hands maniacally (did I mention not to touch your face?).

As I’ve mentioned, a few people have reached out and said they’re hitting the lockdown slump now. I want to keep you moving to help keep you sane and healthy. So, as our semi-lockdown in Holland continues until at least April 28, I’m continuing with free 30 minute live bodyweight workouts on Wednesday mornings (9am CEST).

Feel free to invite friends and loved ones to workout with you virtually. The replay is always available in my feed for 24 hours after the fact. Navigate to my Instagram profile here to see the live workout at the scheduled times.

Look after yourselves!

Siobhan C. Milner

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