The 12 Days of Liftmas

A silly (and fun) holiday lifting session

Even the professional athletes that I work with get a bit of downtime over the festive season.

For one of the teams I coach, I’d planned a break from December 24-27.

But I’m lucky that the athletes I work with love their strength work! So when one athlete asked me for a Boxing Day (26th December for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term) special, I got a little creative.

I decided to share the love – sign up to my mailing list here (or click the button below) to get access to the session for yourself!

Already on my mailing list? I’ll be sending the session out again on December 23 via email!

I’ve created two options for the session:

  • A full gym access version. This is best suited to experienced lifters (you should have good knowledge of hinge and squat movements, along with upper body push and pull movements).
  • A minimal equipment version. This is great for all levels. You can always make adjustments to suit your body!

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