Core Exercises for Strength and Stability

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Thanks for signing up for my semi-regular newsletter! As a thanks for keeping up with what’s happening with me, here are a few of my favourite core exercises for strength & stability.

Strengthening and stabilising your core is one of the key foundations to lifting heavy, improving your power transmission, and improving your posture and bodily awareness for both performance and function (and pain reduction!).

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This is super helpful for postural awareness and back stability. Vital if you’re looking to maintain neutral spine and protect your back during barbell squats and lunges or deadlifts, or if you’re looking to optimise your posture for more efficient running, or less back pain.
I recommend practising supermans as a primer before these leg lowers, as the aim is to really work the transversus abdominis; your deepest layer of your abdominal muscles.
The gluteus medius is so important for efficient running technique and safe landing mechanics! This exercise also targets your obliques (side abdominals), back muscles, and rectus abdominis (your six pack), so it’s a great all round exercise.